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Wayne L. Westcott, PhD, CSCS

Director of Fitness Research Quincy College


"Based on my observation and experience, I believe that the new StairSlide exercise apparatus offers excellent and exceptional opportunity to develop high levels of muscular and cardiovascular fitness in relatively brief training sessions, and in a most enjoyable and individualized manner. The multi-user aspect is also of practical importance for small group or class training. With respect to the stair climbing component, this type of training has the potential to concurrently increase both leg strength and aerobic capacity. The slide eliminates the potentially harmful landing forces of downstairs actions and the muscle/connective tissue stress associated with repeated eccentric muscle contractions. With respect to the adjustable bodyweight exercises for the upper body, the fitness-level accommodating pushups, chin-ups and bar-dips work essentially all of the upper body and trunk (core) muscle groups for improving their strength and endurance. Our research has demonstrated outstanding results from combined aerobic and resistance training, which is exactly what the StairSlide program accomplishes in about 20 to 30 minutes of integrated performance. Finally, the StairSlide exercise programs can easily be designed and applied to meet the training needs of youth between ages 6 and 18, without compromising the fundamental fitness benefits or eliminating the fun aspect of the training experience."

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Chris Frazier

New England Freejacks Professional Rugby Club

USA Falcons 7s

Tiger Rugby Dubai 7's, Hong Kong 10's, Melrose 7's

"Training on the SpeedStairs has helped me immensely with training for both rugby 15s and 7s. The elite training and recovery aspect is incomparable, and I can truly say that I am in the best shape of my life. Because of the low impact on my joints, I can train as hard as possible without any negative repercussions. Being able to exert myself completely translates to my on-field performance, because in a 7's game, you need to be in peak aerobic and anaerobic shape in order to perform to the best of your abilities. My injuries have actually been reversed through training consistently on the SpeedStairs."

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Jim Bunnell

Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club of Marshfield

"By providing SpeedStairs and the dynamic programming that can be done with them, we are engaging all of our youth and families into a lifelong commitment of fitness."