At Colliseum Fitness, we welcome all ages to benefit from our training philosophy that focuses on strengthening your muscles, enhancing your endurance and protecting your joints.


Our trainers combine low impact strength training and cardio to increase your muscle mass and improve your metabolism, without straining or compromising your joints.


Colliseum Fitness tailors all of our programs to each, individual client to ensure that they're straightening their overall performance and pushing themselves, without overdoing it.


Whether you're an adult with chronic shoulder pain or a young adult looking to advance athletically, we design our programs specific to your needs. 


We strive to make each client as comfortable as possible when they join our training sessions. 


If you prefer to exercise in smaller groups, our private facility access allows clients to enjoy their sessions with 6 to 8 clients. 


What makes Colliseum Fitness Center different from other fitness facilities?


SpeedStairs is an unrivaled piece of equipment that separates our practices from the rest by offering our clients a full-body, low-impact workout that enhances performance and endurance, while promoting joint strength and mobility.